Production OR creation

I am blessed to love what I do and do what I love;

Making, producing you name it.. is a creation process for me. Out of simple and natural ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter and sugar I make delicious cookies. I got to decide the way I want them; crispy, crunchy, soft…

I got excited when it comes to creating flavors. Wow, last night I made Coconut Natural Sweets. Thought about it for a while, imagined how I will work the ingredients together etc… and finally last night I made it happen.

Long and sleepless nights are my share, at least once a week, I spend the night making my Natural Sweets. No matter the reason why I am up all night I just love the fact that I create. I create goodies that make my family and my customers happy. My children are my number one customer. I listen to them, trust their instinct, mix it to my ideas and create. I create sweetness in people’s lives

I take more pleasure in making than in packing, always in my mind this mission to satisfy my customers. I hope you take pleasure in eating them.

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